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Professional Book Repair

Here are some examples of common book and binding repairs.

Yale Reback $30-35 (using old spine or label)
Cloth Reback $35-50 (using old spine or label) 
Japanese Tissue Reback $30-50 (using old spine or label)
New Case $30-40 (old spine or label, new end sheets)
Reattach Boards $20-25 per side
Lifting Endsheets $15-40
Nip & Tuck $5-10 (hinge tightening, corners, endcaps)
Paper Repair $50/hour
Cleaning & Washing $50/hour
Conservation Sewing $20-30 per site
Sewing $50/hour
Label Stamping (2-3 lines) $35
Insets in cover $10-30
Drop Spine Box $125 and up
Leather Reback $100 and up


These prices are only a guideline. The price for a book will depend on condition, size, materials, and other factors; contact us to discuss your specific project or for further information. Please email pictures: we can’t be specific unless we see your book. Payment can be made by check or online using a PayPal account or major credit card. Please visit our website or our Facebook page to see before and after repair pictures.